Spółka Jawna

ul. Kościuszki 4

73-155 Węgorzyno

TEL: 091-577-25-14
FAX: 091-886-54-77

Tradition of quality ISO 9001:2015

Lead: Koschem Ksel-Adamus Company is related with plastics processing industry for more than twenty five years. As an modern company we have the resources available and experience needed to create almost any item to meet our clients specific needs.

In recent years we have seen a continuous  increase in the production of plastic products. Quality and aesthetics values are the main factors that determine product position on the  market. Because of the specific nature of the industry the Koschem company performs product  design, documentation and construction of  injection molds and automation necessary to secure the production process of plastic products.

We have our own design & technological office  working based on CAD / CAM and Solid Edge systems. Products which are designed in  Koschem company are protected by the Patent Office and have the status of proprietary   formulas.

Many years of experience, the investment in  business and gradual developing of the know- how bring the results which are long-term relationships with our customers and increasing number of new potentials clients.

Every job entrusted to us we treat with commitment and seriousness.

High quality of providing services is certified with  ISO 9001:2015 quality.

For years, we apply the quality management system for:

  • production of plastics,
  • design and production of injection molds,
  • confection of hygienic products.